Huffaz Sejahtera Leadership Programme is a package opened to first-year-first-semester IIUM students who are passionate and keen to develop themselves to be future global stroke leaders with dynamic internalisation and externalisation of Al Quran that they have memorised. The ultimate goal is to produce holistic professional graduates who possess skills not only in memorising the Quran, but are also equipped with heart-on, hands-on and head-on in Islamic and balanced leadership skills apart from the knowledge and skills in their own majoring field. The main activities of the programme are:

1) Regular tasmi’ on memorisation with qualified huffaz from SHAS mosque and others.
2) Leadership camps and workshops/talks with invited speakers.
3) Weekly meetings with murabbi for personal development.

The activities carried out in this programme are aligned with UNICORE syllabus with additional contemporary skills to equip the young leaders. The students will earn credit for the following courses while completing the programme:

1) CCUB 1061 (Usrah 1)
2) CCUB 1062 (Usrah 2)
3) CCLM 2051 (Leadership)
4) CCFM 2052 (Family Management)
5) CCSS 2010 Skill 1 (Niche Tahfiz)
6) CCSS 3010 Skill 2 (Niche Tahfiz)

The requirements to enrol in the programme are:

1) First year students
2) Memorized at least 3 juzu’ of Al Quran
3) Good history of academic performance  
4) Passed the enrolment interview done by the committee